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Frequently Asked Questions

When in the ceremony will there be music?

For a normal ceremony, there is usually 15 minutes of prelude music, the bridesmaid processional, the brides processional, a song for the unity candle, a recessional, and postlude music. If you would like more music throughout the ceremony, Heartfelt Harmonies will help you choose the best piece and placement to make your ceremony unique.  

How do I know what pieces will work for what spot in the ceremony? 

Heartfelt Harmonies takes pride in knowing what pieces work best throughout the ceremony and will guide you every step of the way in choosing the right order to make your ceremony flow. Check out our song samples page to hear some examples of what we can perform. If you have an idea of what you might like and it is not on the list, please let us know. We would be happy to learn a new piece if it is appropriate for the ceremony. 

 My ceremony is in one location and my reception is at another, will you perform at both? 

Heartfelt Harmonies would love to perform at both your ceremony and reception, no matter what the location. If you book us for the ceremony and cocktail hour, travel expenses and total time needed will be factored into our price.  

We booked you for our cocktail hour, how many songs can you perform in that hour and do I need to choose them all? 

We can usually perform between 10 and 15 songs per hour, depending on the length of the song. You are not required to choose all of the songs, but if you are able to give us an idea of what you like, we can find similar songs that would mix nicely together. If there is no preference, we will perform our favorites. 

There is no piano or keyboard at our wedding site, would you still be able to perform? 

Absolutely! We are equipped with a portable keyboard, speakers and microphone. We will bring everything we need to perform, but all we ask for is an outlet so we can plug in our equipment. 

Our wedding is in less than 6 weeks, would you be available to perform with such short notice?  

As long as we are not committed to another event that day, we would love to help you out in enhancing your wedding with live music. All we ask is that you choose your music within a week of booking us so we have enough time to rehearse it and make it perfect for your special day. We would also limit the number of new pieces we could learn to ensure that everything is performed smoothly for you. 

"Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart." - unknown

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